News on Nate

Nathan has been fortunate to have some great press this past week. His hometown of Claremore, Oklahoma showed him some love with this huge write-up in the Claremore Daily Progress. It’s so cool to see people he grew up with rallying around him and sharing their pride and support of his dream. Small towns are wonderful like that and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see folks cheering him on.

As if that article weren’t awesome enough, Stillwater jumped in with an article a few days later in their paper, the Stillwater Newspress. As an OSU Cowboy, it’s fantastic to see the Stillwater support for him, as well.

If you haven’t given this blog a ‘follow’, make sure you do. As the season progresses, we’ll keep you updated right here. Nate has been home for a couple weeks and is getting ready to head back for the Push Championships next week. Keep cheering him on and sharing his story as you can. Each of you are appreciated!

Nate getting in some combo work with Olympian Steve Langton at team camp a couple weeks ago in Lake Placid .

Short training clip of a straight leg box jump at 37″


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