How about an Update

Last season ended with Nate and driver, Nick Cunningham, National champions.  After a season with so many ups and downs, it was hugely gratifying to end with a win.

Nate has been training this off-season at a great gym, Dynamic Sports Development, in Tulsa, Ok. It’s been great for him to be home, work and get stronger physically. Things are starting to ramp back up now for next season and he’s ready to take it on.

Team camp starts this week and Nate will be grabbing some ice time in Canada and more work at the Olympic complex in Lake Placid. Because it’s an Olympic season with the games coming in February 2018, all the usual timelines, tryouts, etc. are moved up in preparation for it. Push Championships will be in July and then the National team is selected after Team Trials in October. As you can imagine, it all counts big time now and he’s excited for the challenge.

As you may have heard, the US Bobsled family lost one of their own, recently. Steve Holcomb, an incredible driver and decorated Olympian, passed away. We’d be remiss not to honor him and remember him in this update. He set the bar incredibly high with his skill and will be missed.


Friends, family and everyone cheering Nate on, THANK YOU. Your support means so much to him. If you haven’t already, ‘follow’ Nate here on this blog and if you could, share it, too. Actually, SHARE IT A LOT! We plan to have it updated more frequently as the season progresses. You all are invaluable to him. Go USA!

FB: Nathan Gilsleider

Instagram: @ngslider


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