A New Season

Well, Nate made the US National Team for the 2nd time. What an honor! After months of training in the off-season and another push championship under his belt, he’s excited for the new season.14361297_599278091835_3854588104600981886_o

At the moment he’s competing in the North American Cup and is coming off the first GOLD for the USA this season. He and driver, Nick Cunningham, came in 1st in the 2-man Bobsled in Calgary. It was a huge win and a great start to the season!

Nate and Nick Cunningham, after their 1st place win!

The next stop is Whistler, Canada, where they’ll be November 16-26th. Feel free to follow online via the USA Bobsled & Skeleton page where they’ll often deliver Live Feed for the races.

With very limited funding, we’ve launched a RallyMe Campaign to help Nate get through the first half of the season. Many expenses you may assume are covered through the team simply aren’t and it’s a huge financial undertaking for the athletes to compete, travel and train. (If you are interested in a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE sponsorship or advertising, contact Nathan directly. He still has advertising space available on his helmet or sled!)

As always, your support means so much to Nathan! He literally could not continue to chase this dream without people like you. Continue to follow him here at http://www.ngsliderusa.com, on Instagram @ngslider, or on FaceBook: Nathan Gilsleider. 

Nathan, with his 4-man team, in Calgary

Second-Half Update

Well, it’s been a while since one of us has posted and I apologize! I thought I’d take a few minutes to try and update folks. Today is kind of a hodge-podge of miscellaneous info but, here goes!

After getting to spend the Christmas holiday back in Oklahoma, Nate has been busy training and spent the last week in Park City for the IBSF World Cup races. As mentioned in this article, the weather ended up playing a major role. It was unpredictable, at best, and didn’t help the USA teams in the standings. Nathan was fortunate to race twice each day; many athletes weren’t afforded that opportunity. He made the best of it despite the crummy conditions, although none of the US sleds medaled. The Gilsleider fam was able to be there for the races and got our first experience around the sport. It was exciting, exhilerating and cold, to say the least! He’s back in Lake Placid, currently, and will head back to Utah for more races in a few weeks, I believe.

Truthfully, we’re disappointed he wasn’t chosen to head to Europe right after Park City, last weekend, to compete. Of course we wanted to see him get the nod for the alternate position, but it didn’t happen…at least not yet. (That’s a big sister holding out hope that maybe it still might, soon!) We thought he had done well enough (duh!) to be the guy. True to form, Nate is digging deeper, pushing harder and will make this disappointment fuel his fire. That’s just how he rolls.

Here’s a little info from earlier in the season:

The four-man crew pictured below found success early in the first-half of the season and were meshing well. For the second-half of the season, their brakeman, Evan, was sent to compete in Europe. Since then, multiple combinations have been explored for Sled 3. As you can imagine, it can be tough to find that chemistry and groove with four people. In a sport where timing is everything, it takes a while to sync.


Here is a video of his 2-man race in Lake Placid. He was given the chance to race with the Sled 2 driver, Nick Cunningham. Despite Nick’s sprained ankle, they placed 6th. Nathan really did well in his first, big 2-man race, though not having much experience. Even the announcers called him a ‘stud’. Haha!12400700_10153779708958168_1823843572724626885_n

Friends, family, followers…thanks for cheering him on! Keep it up; he sure appreciates it, as do we, his family. If you’d like, you can still contribute to his https://usabs.rallyme.com/rallies/2510/ngsliderusa/embedded_widget

“>RallyMe Fund or through the Athlete Training Fund. Your support, thus far, has been incredible. These donations off-set his expenses, as many of them have not been covered by the US team up to this point.

Until next time…Go Nate, Go!